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Zac Efron reveals his plans for becoming a dad

Zac Efron is opening up about his hopes for the future.

The 36-year-old Baywatch star spoke to E! News about potentially raising kids when he gets a bit older. “I think I’d love to have kids one day,” he told the outlet.

Despite his recent confession, Efron wasn’t always keen on the idea of becoming a father. Two years ago, the former High School Musical heartthrob expressed slight hesitation in taking on a parental role after starring as a dad in the 2022 film, Firestarter.

In conversation with Ellen DeGeneres on her eponymous talk show, Efron said: “I think that was a healthy dose to put me off of it for as long as necessary.”

“I have a little bit more growing to do, probably,” he continued. “I don’t know. Not yet.”

One scene from the film required an intimate moment between Efron and his on-screen daughter, Charlie, played by 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong.

“All of a sudden I had this daughter in front of me. We had a pretty heavy dad-daughter scene right off the bat, and I realized I was drastically underprepared for this part,” the Disney Channel Alum remarked. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought it would just kind of click, but no, that’s not really the case!”

“Luckily, Ryan is just so sweet, she’s just the coolest, and after two days, we had the best bond, so that part got really easy,” Efron added.

Still, Efron was weary of assuming the role of a dad in reality following his part in the movie.

Though his mindset has changed in the last two years, The Iron Claw isn’t in a hurry to start a family or get married. Instead, Efron’s spent time working and honouring his career thus far.

The A-lister was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 11 December. Efron accepted the accolade in the category of Motion Pictures.

In his acceptance speech, the kind-hearted actor paid tribute to Matthew Perry and gave director Kenny Ortega a shoutout for casting him in High School Musical.

Celebrating the Friends favourite, he said: “I also want to mention someone that’s not here today and that’s Matthew Perry, who was so kind and generous with me as we worked on 17 Again.”

“Collaborating with him and Burr Steers was so much fun and it really did propel me and motivated me. In so many ways, it really pushed me into that next chapter of my career and for that, thank you so much, Matthew, thinking about you today,” Efron noted.

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