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Women’s Day Horoscope 2024: Embrace your inner Goddess as per your zodiac sign

In ancient times, wise people believed every woman was like a goddess. They thought this because women can create life and have a special connection to nature and magic. They believed women were powerful because they could turn a man’s seed into a new life. Before men became more dominant in society, many ancient civilizations were led by women and focused on worshipping goddesses. They believed in living in harmony with nature and the universe. On this Women’s Day, let’s celebrate by embracing the inner goddess within us, based on our zodiac sign!

Representative image of Greek Goddess Athena.(Pixabay)

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Embrace your inner Goddess as per your zodiac sign

Athena, the Greek Goddess of war, is different from her brother Ares, who focuses on violence. Athena is more about strategy because she’s also the goddess of Wisdom. Armies used to pray to her before battles, believing that those who worshipped her the most would win. She protected heroes like Odysseus and Perseus and was known for inspiring inventions like the war chariot.

For Aries, Athena serves as a symbol of embracing their feminine strength. Aries women, regardless of their birth or gender identity, are known for their courage and willingness to stand up against oppressive forces, just like Athena. Throughout history, Aries women have played pivotal roles in the feminist movement, such as Gloria Steinem and Sandra Day O’Connor.

To honour Athena’s legacy, Aries are encouraged to prioritize their passions and self-worth. They should never diminish themselves for the sake of others. Instead, they should embrace their individuality and stand firm in their beliefs, just as Athena did in her divine role.

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, beauty, and good fortune, holds a significant place in Hinduism alongside Parvati and Saraswati, forming the revered ‘Tridevi’. She embodies the concept of earning respect and blessing those who not only value money but also hold reverence for women. However, Lakshmi reminds Taurus women, irrespective of their birth or gender identity, that true wealth transcends mere material possessions. She emphasizes the importance of financial literacy, including earning, managing, investing, budgeting, and spending money wisely. While money itself is a form of energy, true wealth lies in the wisdom of harnessing that energy and standing securely on one’s own feet, independent of others.

Taurus, known as the strongest sign of the zodiac, is encouraged by Lakshmi to take care of their bodies and treat them as temples. She believes beauty emanates from a healthy place, highlighting the importance of prioritizing health as a form of wealth. After all, a healthy body ensures a strong foundation for a prosperous life.

Eris, often depicted as the goddess of strife and discord, takes on a new light when viewed without patriarchal bias, revealing her true essence as a goddess of chaos. Chaos, a powerful and magical force, defies all rules set by humanity, gods, or time.

Eris bestows upon Gemini women, regardless of birth or gender identity, the gift of embracing their inner chaos without limitations. This gift enables them to adapt and navigate any situation with minimal consequences. Gemini’s thrive on seeking thrills and pursuing their whims and desires, all while avoiding getting too deeply entangled. Eris empowers Gemini not only to survive but also to have fun while flirting with danger.

To honour Eris, Gemini women are encouraged to embrace their individuality fully. They should explore every opportunity and pursue all interests without concern for others’ opinions. They should proudly own their diverse talents, disregarding accusations of unfocused or lacking mastery. When the time comes, Gemini will demonstrate their true mastery of chaos energy, leaving a lasting impression on those around them.

Luna, the Roman Goddess of the Moon, travels across the night sky in her silver Biga chariot, adorned with a crescent moon crown. Known as the ‘two-horned queen of the stars,’ Luna’s influence extends over the night sky and the human mind. When we lose control of our emotions, we’re said to enter a state of ‘lunacy,’ reflecting her powerful sway over our mental well-being.

Controlling the ocean tides, bodily cycles, and earth’s potency, Luna is considered a figure of great power over birth and death. Sages used her changing face to determine auspicious times for various activities, from planting seeds to invading countries. Cancer women are blessed with a strong connection to the moon, allowing them to master their emotions and flow through life by following lunar cycles.

Drinking water from silver glasses is believed to have healing effects on the body and mind, keeping sadness away. Planning activities according to lunar phases can bring success in home and business endeavours, as abundance portals open. Honoring Luna through meditation during full and new moons can strengthen the body and mind, and tap into divine creativity and magic.

Sekhmet, known as the lioness of Egypt, is the daughter of the Sun God Ra. She’s worshipped as the goddess of war, healing, and protection in life and death. Believed to breathe fire and cause storms in the desert, Sekhmet was feared for bringing plagues but also revered for warding off diseases. Like the sun’s warmth, she can either empower us or bring destruction with just a glance. Sekhmet’s presence uplifts us, making us as mighty as pharaohs, while her absence plunges us into darkness.

Leo women are blessed by Sekhmet to shine brightly like the sun, illuminating the lives of others. Their smallest actions can have a big impact on the world around them. Honouring Sekhmet means recognizing your own power and knowing when to use it for healing or assertiveness. Sekhmet is also known as the party goddess, and her festival celebrates freedom and fierce power. Embrace your strength unapologetically and toy with the fear of those who try to control you.

Inanna, the Mesopotamian Goddess, is often associated with love, beauty, war, justice, political power, and fertility. She challenges patriarchal views that judge a woman’s worth by her chastity, instead emphasizing the power that comes from owning one’s sexuality and life. Inanna, known as “The Queen of Heaven,” defied convention by descending into the underworld and returning unharmed despite facing immense torture. She symbolizes unconditional love and devotion while maintaining her sovereignty.

Inanna blesses Virgo women, regardless of birth or gender identity, to embrace their womanhood with pride. They are granted the ability to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and emerge unscathed. Virgos are reminded to prioritize their independence and identity, ensuring their needs are met and their voices heard. Inanna gifts Virgos with diverse talents, highlighting their adaptability and self-sufficiency. The term “Virgin” is not about chastity but rather independence, signifying that Virgos don’t rely on others, especially men, to define their worth.

Aphrodite is really famous for being beautiful. She came from the sea foam and parts of Heaven, born on the shores of Cyprus. People in Greece think she’s the best Goddess of love, beauty, and even war. She played a big part in starting the Trojan War because she was jealous and vain. Despite sometimes being fickle, Aphrodite also cares about fairness, which is why some people connect her with justice.

Aphrodite helps Libra women, no matter if they were born as women or identify as women, to be confident in their femininity and use it to their advantage. Whether they’re at work, in relationships, or dealing with conflicts, Libras can use Aphrodite’s blessings to charm others and see things from different perspectives. Aphrodite’s fickle nature can sometimes make things tricky for Libras, but it also helps them smooth over problems with a smile.

To honour Aphrodite, Libra women should embrace their inner and outer beauty. Beauty is seen as something powerful that can make a difference in how others treat you and how you feel about yourself. By doing this, they can gain Aphrodite’s protection and support.

Kali is the Goddess of Time, Change, Creation, Destruction, Transformation, and Power. She’s seen as the ultimate form of Shakti, the supreme divine goddess, and the mother of all living beings.

Kali blesses Scorpio women, whether by birth or identity, with so much power that nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. She allows them to reinvent themselves and succeed without being held back by their past, especially past relationships with men.

Kali teaches us that our past doesn’t define us, and our future isn’t limited by it. We have the power to change our lives with every breath we take. To honour Kali, we should remember that fear is just an illusion that holds us back from realizing our inner divinity. Give all your fears and worries to Kali, trust her completely, and go out into the world fearlessly, conquering everything around you and within you!

Diana, the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, moon, and adventure, was admired by the Ancient Romans for her free spirit and love of nature. Unlike other gods who often interfered in human affairs, Diana preferred the company of animals and the tranquillity of the forests. She was known for her exceptional archery skills and mastery of magic rooted in nature and lunar phases. Diana symbolizes freedom and authenticity, inspiring Wonder Woman’s name.

Diana empowers Sagittarius women to pursue their dreams boldly, fostering courage and a thirst for adventure. Honoring her means speaking the truth, supporting others, and challenging patriarchal norms. Follow Diana’s example by advocating for justice, exploring new places, and connecting with nature and animals to embrace her liberating spirit.

Parvati, the goddess of power, nourishment, harmony, devotion, and motherhood, is the embodiment of Shakti’s benevolent form. Despite her gentle nature, Parvati possesses immense willpower, as seen in her devotion to Lord Shiva. Her love for him transformed him from a meditative ascetic to a loving householder, Shankara. Parvati assumes various forms like Annapurna, Durga, Lalita, and Dhumavati, embodying different aspects of power, beauty, and fear.

Capricorn women, whether by birth or identity, receive Parvati’s blessings of strength, willpower, and patience, akin to the mighty Himalayan mountains. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns navigate challenges with resilience, earning rewards for their perseverance. Parvati’s fearlessness is reflected in Capricorn women’s ability to confront demons and even challenge Lord Shiva when needed. Legend has it that Shiva always prioritized Parvati’s needs, recognizing her protective role in his life.

To honour Parvati, Capricorn women are encouraged to embrace their inherent strength and integrity in all aspects of life. They hold the power to elevate those who love them and should expect to be treated with reverence and respect. Embracing their divine feminine energy, Capricorns can assert themselves confidently and assertively in their relationships and endeavours.

Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, and art, is fiercely independent and rebellious, challenging patriarchal norms. She believes true power lies in knowledge and using it to lead an empowered life. Saraswati blesses Aquarius women with sharp minds and a thirst for learning, encouraging them to explore diverse subjects and challenge societal norms. Aquarius women, influenced by Saraswati, see beyond social divisions and prioritize humanity as a whole. To honour Saraswati, Aquarius, women should continuously educate themselves, embracing learning for its own sake and trusting that wealth will follow those who seek knowledge.

Ganga, the goddess of forgiveness, embodies the sacred river Ganges and is revered as the mother of humanity. She grants spiritual liberation, or moksha, to those who immerse themselves or their loved ones’ ashes in her waters, seeking forgiveness for their sins. Ganga’s compassionate nature allows her to forgive anyone who comes into contact with her, recognizing the illusion of material sins and seeing their true selves.

Pisces women, whether by birth or gender identity, are blessed by Ganga with saintly compassion and the divine gift of forgiveness. Known as the “dustbin of the zodiac,” Pisces often carry the burdens of others’ issues and have experienced numerous lifetimes before their birth in Pisces. Honouring Ganga involves actively practising forgiveness, especially towards oneself, to detach from toxic elements and relationships. A simple cleansing ritual involves visualizing pure white light during showers, intending for each drop to wash away negativity and protect against harmful thoughts and intentions. Regular practice can transform everyday showers into powerful protection rituals.

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