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Weekly Chinese Horoscope from March 4-10, 2024: 5 signs to get lucky in love


Single people born in the dragon years are advised to be patient in love this week. Your luck in love depends on how well you care for yourself and feel confident. This will help you recognize your true soulmate and avoid people who may not be serious. If you feel like it, treat yourself to some spa therapy.

5 Chinese zodiac signs will likely receive luck this week from March 40-10, 2024.(Freepik)

If you are in a relationship, things will likely look good for you in love this week. If you and your partner have considered buying a home together, this is a great time to focus on that. The energy is very positive, and things could work out well, especially in business ventures where you are both involved.

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Love life looks good this week for single people born in the pig years! Any dates you plan should go smoothly and may even end with a pleasant surprise. Remember, being proactive is key, as things might not go as well if someone else sets the date for you.

If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll have clarity about whether your partner is right for you or not. Even if things seem a bit strange initially, trust that this clarity is good. For some, this might mean finally moving on from an ex who keeps returning. For others, it might mean realizing they’re with the wrong person and that their true match is elsewhere.

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If you are single and born in the Ox years, being generous in love is important this week. Your luck in this area depends on it. So, if you ask someone out, make it a special and memorable date. If you decide to give a gift or flowers, make it meaningful. And if you’re buying clothes, focus on quality rather than just getting a discount.

If you’re already in a relationship, your luck in love will help you see who truly supports your relationship and who might be trying to come between you and your partner. Understanding this is important, so don’t ignore it. What you do next depends on what you discover.


For singles, your love life this week hinges on being honest with yourself. Decide if you truly want to find love or are content with your current lifestyle. Don’t let society pressure you into feeling guilty for enjoying alone time with video games or movies. Embracing your true self will pave the way for your soulmate to find you later this year.

Committed roosters, don’t hesitate to communicate your needs, even if they are difficult to meet. Your love life looks bright this week, and your efforts will be rewarded. Especially if you tend to prioritize others’ needs over your own, this is your chance to benefit from speaking up and experiencing positive outcomes.


For single people born in the tiger years , it’s time to reinforce your worth this week. For single Tigers, remind yourself this week of your strength, courage, and beauty/handsomeness. Believe that you deserve the best in love, and your luck in finding it will improve. Positive affirmations will attract only the most wonderful experiences your way!

If you’re in a relationship, your luck in love will help reconcile any conflicts you and your partner have been facing. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and find solutions to your problems. Together, you’ll create beautiful moments as you strengthen your bond.

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