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University student receives support after tearful video about sorority rush

At certain colleges, part of the experience is rushing for people to join fraternities and sororities.

One student at Southern Methodist University, Didi, recently took to TikTok under the username @bobarista.shawty, to show off her outfits of the day for her first day of rush week.

Rush week is a time when collegiate fraternities and sororities host events, giving new students a chance to meet its members. The idea is that both the current members and new members will interview each other to see if they are a good fit for each other in hopes of being initiated into the brotherhood or sisterhood.

Depending on the university or college, there can be multiple rounds during rush week or recruitment week with the goal being to earn a bid, or an invitation, from a sorority or fraternity at the end of rush week.

Throughout Didi’s week of rush, she would post what she was wearing on day one, two and three of the process. However, instead of sharing her outfit on day four, she posted a tearful video captioned, “Kind things only please”.

She then posted another clip of what she would have worn on day four. She explained that she found out that she did not get invited back to any of the sororities until after she had changed into her outfit, and decided to show it off anyway with tears in her eyes.

“I’m just gonna change and crawl back into bed,” Didi ended her video with.

Soon after posting, her TikTok went on to receive over nine million views with many well-known brands and celebrities leaving comments telling her to not let the decision affect her too much.

“Their loss beautiful girl,” singer Laufey commented.

“Sending love girl!!!! Rush can be so brutal. Everything happens for a reason,” Alix Earle commented.

“Waste no tears on the haters,” Levi’s commented. “You look beautiful.”

“Their loss angel!!!” another comment from Urban Outfitters began. “You are absolutely stunning & look amazing.”

Even others who had rushed at her school chimed in to support her in the comments section.

“SMU rush was the most brutal experience of my entire life. Do something special for yourself today and know that this door closing means an even better one is going to open for you so soon,” one comment read.

Another agreed, writing, “I also got dropped from smu rush and my life was better every second I wasn’t in Greek life, it feels so hard at SMU but there’s a whole other side of campus besides Greek like and I PROMISE the people that aren’t in Greek are a million times better. Everything happens for a reason but it doesn’t make it any better at the moment. I promise it’s them not you.”

Though Didi didn’t explicitly state she was dropped from rush in this video, she revealed that fact in a follow-up TikTok captioned: “Even though I ended up getting dropped I still had a really fun time up until that point. I met a lot of really kind girls and had some really interesting conversations with actives.”

“Please don’t be keyboard warriors fighting for me to get a bid. I wanna get a bid on my own merit, not because they were bullied into extending me one. Also some sophomores dirty rush freshmen but when it’s offered I just rejected it because I wanted to go through rush without any ‘advantages’ over other girls,” her caption continued.

Despite not getting picked by any of the sororities, she did seem appreciative of her rush experience as a whole.

“Regardless, I learned a lot about myself in this process and why I wanted to rush and what my intentions for being in a sorority look like,” her caption concluded.

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