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Real Estate firm Vihang Group focuses on women, millennials 

Vihang Group, which is into real estate development, said it would align its projects to cater to the needs of women and millennials, a segment that is having substantial purchasing power.

Stating that the Group would pioneer millennial and women-centric real estate development in Thane, Vihang Sarnaik, Director, Vihang Group said, “Thane has the potential to become one of the most preferred destinations for women and millennials. It is connected to Mumbai through railways, expressways, freeways, and upcoming metros would make it the ideal location for aspirational housing.”

“Thane stands out as the sole market in India where millennials can seamlessly find a mix of lifestyle options and budget-friendly housing. The city’s robust connectivity makes it an attractive choice for those seeking professional opportunities in Mumbai while enjoying the tranquillity of Thane’s nature-infused living experience,” he added.

He said the group’s women & millennial focused strategy has helped it to sell over 200 units in 20 days where as other developers were finding it difficult to sell 20 units in that period.

“As an architect, I always felt that there is a need to redefine the aesthetics of real estate projects. So we are embracing gender-neutral and youthful design principles. We want to depart from traditional norms and recognise the importance of creating spaces that cater to a diverse range of preferences and lifestyles,” he said.

“From professionals to self-employed entrepreneurs, women are increasingly investing in real estate, drawn by benefits such as capital appreciation and rental income,” he added.

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