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‘Lootere’ trailer: Rajat Kapoor fends off pirates; Hansal Mehta is showrunner

Rajat Kapoor in a still from ‘Lootere’

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta on Wednesday dropped the trailer of his upcoming thriller ‘Lootere’. Hansal Mehta serves as a showrunner on the show. ‘Lootere’ stars Rajat Kapoor, Vivek Gomber, Amruta Khanvilkar, and Aamir Ali in the lead roles. It is directed by Rajat Kapoor and produced by Shailesh R Singh. The series follows Rajat Kapoor as the ship captain and his struggle with a criminal legacy. Entering the twisted world of crime to fulfill a treacherous demand of safeguarding and smuggling dangerous goods, the trailer offers a thrilling peek into a world where survival means navigating a deadly web of crimes.

Speaking about the show, Hansal Mehta in a statement said, “ We’ve seen several airborne hijack stories but ‘Lootere’ stands out for its setting in the sea and its expansive canvas – a vast ocean, an alien country, an intimidating vessel and a band of menacing pirates . With this show, our attempt is to bring a story of power and greed spiraling into an international hijacking crisis and the attempts of the crew to escape it. The story is bound to take the audience on an emotional as well as a thrilling adventure.”

Director Jai Mehta also shared what audience can expect from ‘Lootere’.”In developing ‘Lootere,’ our ambition was to redefine the traditional hijacking genre by infusing it with a unique perspective. As a filmmaker, I am aware of our role in molding perceptions through our creations. It was imperative for us to present a nuanced depiction that encompasses not only the experiences of the victims but also the human aspects of the pirates and the people of Somalia. Collaborating once again with Hansal Sir, I am convinced that ‘Lootere,’ just like ‘Scam 1992,’ will deliver an unforgettable viewing experience to audiences everywhere. I am thrilled to invite viewers to embark on this riveting journey.”

Actor Rajat Kapoor, who headlines the show, said it was an adventure for him to be a part of ‘Lootere’. “Lootere has been quite a journey, both outwards and inwards. For someone like me, who has never been on a ship, to play the captain of the ship was an adventure and a delight. We were trapped in our own ship by the pirates and the ship-crew, which is already like a family- got even closer. Moreover, the crew making the series became a family in South Africa for a few months. Long and hard days of being in the sea- in a ship that is huge but at the same time, cramped. Lootere was this coming together of [1] the opposites and everything came together thanks to the real captain- Jai Mehta,” he shared.

‘Lootere’ will be out on Disney+ Hotstar on March 22.

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