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Letters to The Editor — February 28, 2024

Fighting in Russia

The Hindu deserves compliments for highlighting the plight of Indians caught in the Russian war. Russian commanders have not hesitated even for a moment to sacrifice their own soldiers. When this is the treatment of their own soldiers, I wonder how Indians, Nepalese and others ‘fighting for’ Russia would be treated. Our boys need to get back home.

T. Anand Raj,


It is amusing to read the report, “Several Indians released from Russian Army: MEA” (Page 1, February 27). So, the External Affairs Ministry got to know that several Indians had gone to Russia only after reading the news in the dailies? Also, it is time the authorities gave freedom to institutions for the well-being of the nation.

Cavery Palani,


Pankaj Udhas

The passing of iconic Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas has shocked millions of music lovers. At a time when the maestros Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh dominated the scene, this gifted singer carved a niche for himself by popularising ghazals among the common people. A household name, he was a singer who epitomised completeness/perfection in his profession bringing soul to the songs which he sung. The music maestro who sang with ease and intense passion, entertained and enthralled his listeners/audience for decades. With his unique and mellifluous voice, he rendered innumerable soft, soothing and captivating melodies.

The musical maestro was the living embodiment of the fact that hard-work, perseverance and commitment to ones passion yield rich dividends.

Being the member of a generation that grew up listening to his innumerable songs, I would always savour and cherish his invaluable music gems; most prominent among them being the song: ‘Chitti aayi hai….. from the movie ‘Naam’ and ‘Jiye to jiye kaise…’ from ‘Saajan’. The legendary singer was the shining example who demonstrated the fact that music is that divine unifier which transcends all man-made barriers, bringing together the entire mankind under one umbrella.
B. Suresh Kumar,


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