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Letters to The Editor — February 10, 2024

A self pat

There is no doubt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s achievements during the 10-year rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party government such as the dilution of Article 370 and the consecration of the Ram Temple are commendable but his government is trying to create an impression that only the present BJP leadership is the saviour of the country and that earlier governments did nothing. How can one undermine the Congress’s contribution, from its key role in securing Independence, the nationalisation of banks, industrialisation, the ushering in of science and technology, reforms in the financial sector and so on? Nation building is not confined to one individual or party.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,


Opposition’s lack of punch

It is surprising that the Opposition, especially the Congress, has been so weak in countering the BJP’s “white paper”. Had Members of the Opposition done their homework, they could have had the government pinned to the ropes on just the issue of demonetisation. After watching the proceedings in Parliament yesterday, the Opposition has been a huge disappointment and it was the BJP that stole the show.

R. Vaidyanathan,


The shadow of politics

The unprecedented long list of people being conferred the Bharat Ratna this year seems to be reflective of the shrewd political strategy of the BJP which is aimed at ‘enticing’ a wide range of voters of myriad social, political and cultural leanings. The powerful political narrative being built around Ayodhya, a UCC and the ‘North-South divide’ is believed by many political scientists to be a game-changer. It remains to be seen whether this political plan will impact the INDIA bloc.

N. Raveendra Babu,


The highlighting of yoga

Australian Open men’s champion and recipient of the Sportstar Ace of Aces honour 2024 Rohan Bopanna mentioning how Iyengar Yoga helped him is a point that sportspersons and sport authorities must note. While regular fitness and a wellness regime prescribed by sports physios have a place, the need to have a closer look at yoga is the key message.

B. Sundar Raman,


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