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Kerala Man Killed In Israel Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife, Daughter, 5

Pat Nibin Maxwell left for Israel just two months back, his father has said


The 31-year-old Indian man killed in a missile strike near the Israel-Lebanon border left his home in Kerala’s Kollam just two months ago. His five-year-old daughter and pregnant wife waved him goodbye. Little did they know it was their final farewell.

Pat Nibin Maxwell was killed in a missile strike near an orchard in north Israel’s Margaliot yesterday. Two others, also from Kerala, were injured in the attack. Paul Melvin and Bush Joseph George, both from Idukki, are under treatment at an Israel hospital.

The Israel embassy in India has condemned the “cowardly terror attack launched by Shia terror organization Hezbollah on peaceful agriculture workers who were cultivating an orchard”. Naor Gilon, Israel’s ambassador to India, has spoken to Maxwell’s brother and assured him all help.

Nibin’s father Pathrose said the 31-year-old had followed his elder brother to Israel. “He was in Muscat and Dubai and then returned home. Then, he went to Israel. First my elder son went there. A week later, my younger son followed,” he said.

Pathrose Maxwell said he got the news from his daughter-in-law. “She called me around 4.30 pm on Monday and told me that Nibin was injured in the attack and was in hospital. Later, around 12.45 am, we got information that he had died.”

The shocked father said Nibin has left behind a four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and his wife is seven months pregnant with their second child.

Nibin’s body is expected to be brought back to Kerala in four days after paperwork and formalities.

In the wake of the first Indian casualty in the Israel-Hamas war, New Delhi has issued an advisory for Indians living in Israel.

“In view of the prevailing security situation and local safety advisories, all Indians nationals in Israel, especially those working in or visiting border areas in the north and south, are advised to relocate to safe areas within Israel. The Embassy remains in touch with the Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of all our nationals,” the Indian embassy in Israel has said.

The Shia faction of Hezbollah has been carrying out rocket strikes and drone attacks in north Israel in support of Hamas since the war began.

The Israel-Hamas war has raged on for nearly five months after the October 7 attacks on Israeli cities. Tel Aviv’s brutal counterstrike has led to thousands of deaths in the Gaza Strip. New Delhi has said it is deeply troubled by the conflict and the humanitarian crisis it has led to.

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