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Job candidate sparks debate staying for interview despite recruiter not showing

A job-seeker has revealed the lengths she went to for the chances to secure a job.

The job hunter, named Sragvi, recently took to TikTok under the username @sragvipattanaik to share how her job interview was going. “Staying on a no-show interview call for 30 mins because I am poor and desperate,” text across her screen read.

She captioned her video, “Rough out here,” as she showed her laptop screen, showing she was determined to stay on the call.

The TikToker later explained in the comments section that she did reach out to the recruiter, and was only staying on the Zoom link in case the recruiter saw her email and was about to enter the call themself.

Her video went on to receive almost one million views, with many people taking to the comments section to express how upset they were for Sragvi.

“Bro but if you were two mins late they’d call you unprofessional and move on to another applicant,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Although I do feel better I’m not the only one ghosted by a recruiter this is concerning.”

Other commenters opened up about their own experiences with job hunting, and not receiving responses from potential employers.

“The job field is so ridiculous that I did an online interview, got rejected, went to a hiring event for the same place a week later and got hired on the spot,” one commenter recalled.

Another story from the comments section read: “I emailed after waiting 30 minutes and they replied with a rejection.”

“I waited like 45 minutes and I sent an email around the 20 minute mark and I was just completely ghosted. Not even an apology or anything,” a third story read.

This isn’t the first time someone has taken to the platform to express their grievances with either the job hunting process or their job in general.

Back in February, a woman opened up about her company’s bereavement package and what that says about the work culture in corporate America.

A TikToker under the username @later_kates took to the platform to share what her employer’s response was to her informing them that her brother had died.

In her video, she is seen staring at her computer monitor in tears as text across the screen reads, “Work: Sorry your brother died. Take all the time you need, we have a generous bereavement package of three days.”

Soon after posting, her TikTok went on to receive over four million views, with many people leaving comments about how bad they felt for her and what their own company policy is.

“Corporate America is not forgiving. It’s inhumane,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “‘Take all the time you need’ while having a time requirement. I’m so sorry, sending you love.”

“Had a family member pass and I got written up for performance issues because I couldn’t stop crying at my desk. It’s unbelievable how they treat us. I’m so sorry,” a third comment read.

Some dived into their own experience with bereavement leaves, and most of them were just as short as Kate’s.

“One week (three days paid) to get over the death of mom when I was just 24. Horrid,” one story in the comments read.

Another story from the comments read: “After returning from my three-day bereavement, my work sent me to meet a new client. At the hospital my mom died at. I immediately put in my two weeks.”

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