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From Jaya Bachchan to Nora Fatehi: Bollywood stars reveal what they consider red flags in relationships | The Times of India

In an earlier interview with Yuvaa, popular actress Shefali spoke what she considers as a red flag and in relationships and why it shouldn’t be ignored. Sharing her views, she said that being disrespected by your partner is a definite red flag as one needs to feel safe, love and secured in a relationship. “You know disrespect can start on a very light level of humor, and you don’t realize it. It starts as ‘Arey wo toh aisa hi karta hai… arey wo toh aise hi karti hai… arey isko thodi na samajh aayega’. It’s not funny after a point of time. You want to say something, and if you have to hold it back, there is a serious problem. If you start thinking I really want to share something, let it go, as its reaction would be bad,” Shefali said.

The actress further added, “If you are worried about being yourself in front of somebody – good, bad, ugly, then there is a problem. In a relationship, you should feel safe, secure, and accepted. You should not be worrying that it’s good but let it go.”

Photo: Shefali Shah/ Instagram

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