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Ever wondered why Lord Jagannath has such big eyes? | The Times of India

In a very famous story about the big eyes of Lord Jagannath, it is said that one day, Mata Rohini sat everyone down to tell them about Shri Krishna’s leelas in Dwarka. Also in the crowd was Subhadra, his sister, who was told to go away. But, instead of leaving the place, Subhadra stood on the gates of the room, intently listening to what was being said inside. And then seeing her, Krishna and Balaram too came and stood next to her. When hearing about Shri Krishna’s leela, their eyes widened and they just stood there. When Narada witnessed this, he asked the divine how can devotees witness the trio like this. To this request, Lord Krishna, Balaram and Subhadra were then idolized in this form for the devotees to love, pray and admire.

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