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Bride defended after refusing to make exception to her childfree wedding rule

A bride-to-be has been defended after she refused to make an exception to her childfree wedding rule.

In a recent post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” Reddit forum, the woman explained that her wedding – where no children are allowed – is only a few weeks away. She acknowledged that she’s “always said” she wanted a childfree wedding, and she even indicated that on the invitation.

She then expressed that she decided to abide by this rule after a few experiences at her friends’ nuptials. “I have been to weddings where there are children and some have screamed during the ceremony and reception,” she wrote. “I was at one where a kid didn’t want to wait for the cake to be cut so he snuck up and grabbed a handful. The bride was horrified.”

The future-bride went on to specify that her sister has a five-year-old child, and her sibling was “happy to have some free time” at the wedding. However, things took a turn when her sister’s boyfriend said he couldn’t be with the five-year-old on the wedding day.

“Her boyfriend was going to stay behind on the day of the wedding to be there with my nephew,” she continued. “I guess his friends rented out a cabin somewhere the week of my wedding and he wants to go so he doesn’t want to, and in his words, ‘Babysit that night.’”

The Reddit user went on to note that while she “loves” her nephew, he tends to make things about him when they aren’t. She noted that her sister asked to her make an “exception” and let her nephew come, with the mother saying that she’ll “keep him quiet”. However, the Reddit user confessed that she still “didn’t trust her” sister in the situation, due to the five-year-old’s previous behaviour.

“My grandmother had her 80th birthday recently and my sister made the same promise to our family that she’d keep him calm,” the bride-to-be wrote. “He broke away from her and blew out our grandmother’s candles and pushed the cake off when my dad tried to redirect him.”

After the woman offered to help find someone else to watch her nephew, her sister said she “doesn’t trust him with anyone else”. The Reddit user said she then told her sister’s boyfriend – who’s the father of the child – that he wouldn’t be “babysitting” before he agreed to look after his son during the night of the wedding.

The Reddit user also expressed her concerns about the wedding venue having “open water and a lot of open fields” and she didn’t want her nephew to get hurt, since he “likes to run around”. Once she finally told her sister that she couldn’t bring the five-year-old, the sibling got upset and brought up how the bride’s 18-year-old cousin was coming to the wedding.

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