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‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’: Ananya Panday announces Prime Video’s coming-of-age drama series

Poster of ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’
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Prime Video today announced the premiere of Big Girls Don’t Cry, an upcoming coming-of-age school drama that is set against the backdrop of a fictionalised all-girls boarding school.

Actor Ananya Panday inroduced the series and its lead cast in a video.

The series stars Avantika Vandanapu (as Ludo), Aneet Padda (Roohi), Dalai (Pluggy), Vidushi (Kavya), Lhakyila (JC), Afrah Sayed (Noor), and Akshita Sood (Dia) in the lead roles. The predominantly women-led ensemble cast also features Pooja Bhatt, Raima Sen, and Zoya Hussain in pivotal roles, along with Mukul Chadda.

Created by Nitya Mehra, Big Girls Don’t Cry is co-directed by Nitya Mehra, Sudhanshu Saria, Karan Kapadia, and Kopal Naithani. “The series takes audiences into the fascinating world of the prestigious Vandana Valley where a group of young girls navigate life’s myriad exhilarating adventures of independence, rebellion, friendship, love, heartbreaks, and dreams, as they challenge not only the norms of the school but society at large. Along the journey, each of them battles with an internal struggle to remain true to their own unique identities,” reads a plot description from the streamer.

“With Big Girls Don’t Cry, we at Prime Video aspire not only to present a story that is both refreshing and engaging but also contributes significantly to the ongoing narrative on representation in Indian content. Driven by a predominantly female presence, both in front of and behind the camera, the series delicately explores multiple facets that resonate with young women during their formative years. Collaborating with a sensitive and talented creator, directors, and cast on this series has been a true privilege. Having Ananya Panday on board to unveil the series adds an extra layer of excitement. We are certain that our audience will not only find the series delightful but also something that leaves a lasting impression,” said Aparna Purohit, head of India Originals, India and Southeast Asia, Prime Video.

Creator of the series, Nitya Mehra said, “I think school life in India, especially that of girls, is so underrepresented in storytelling, be it in Indian literature or cinema. Coming-of-age told through the eyes of an all-girls boarding school in its most authentic avatar is what I was going for. Big Girls Don’t Cry isn’t just another girls’ boarding school drama, it is an insight into the lives, ideas, and feelings of young girls who are carving a path for themselves, finding their way into this world, and doing so on their terms. Learning to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities, these girls are jet-setting on an enriching journey of self-discovery that will define who they are and what they’re made of. This series is a little homage from me to all the girls out there jostling to figure out their identities. I want to celebrate girl gangs and sisterhood, and having Prime Video celebrate that with me was the perfect match.”

Big Girls Don’t Cry is an exciting series that is oozing with such spunk and pep. It makes me nostalgic with fond memories of my time through school and college, which instantly appealed to me. I am thrilled to collaborate with Prime Video to announce and promote such a beautiful series that perfectly encapsulates the emotions, experiences, and learnings young girls go through at various stages of their school life. And even though I am not a part of the series, I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this video with the entire Big Girls Don’t Cry gang, reminiscing and reliving some fun and innocent moments of my past life,” said Ananya Panday.

Big Girls Don’t Cry is set to premiere on Prime Video on March 14.

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