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After 8 years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce proceedings reaching the final stage – Report | – Times of India

The world was stunned when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Hollywood’s iconic couple known as Brangelina, announced their separation in 2016. The split marked the beginning of a protracted legal battle that has yet to reach a final resolution. Eight years later, despite some progress, their divorce remains unsettled, with several contentious issues still looming.
Since Angelina Jolie initiated divorce proceedings in 2016, the case has been entangled in a web of legal and personal conflicts.Although the couple achieved legal single status in 2019, the complete resolution of their divorce remains elusive. Insiders suggest that a final settlement could be on the horizon, but it has yet to be secured. A source informed People that negotiations are ongoing between both parties.
One of the central issues in the divorce is the custody of their children. The 2012 incident on a private jet, where Angelina accused Brad of attacking her in front of their kids, has cast a long shadow over the proceedings. This event has complicated their custody agreement and left some matters unresolved.
Another major point of contention is Château Miraval, the French vineyard the couple purchased together and where they got married. The vineyard, a symbol of their former unity, has become a battleground in their legal disputes. Each trial seems to intensify the disagreement over its ownership and management, with both sides unwilling to concede.

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As the legal wrangling continues, sources reveal that Brad’s relationship with his children has suffered. He has minimal contact with his adult children and limited interaction with the younger ones due to his busy filming schedule. “He has virtually no contact with the adult kids,” an insider shared, noting that his engagement with the younger children has decreased in recent months.
The actor’s daughter, Shiloh, further strained the relationship by legally changing her last name after turning 18, a move that reportedly upset Pitt. “He’s aware and upset that Shiloh dropped his last name,” a source said. Despite these family tensions, Pitt has found some personal happiness with Ines de Ramon, with whom he has gone public at various events, including the Grand Prix. Another insider mentioned that Brad Pitt is contemplating settling down again and having more children in the future.

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