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7 low carb foods perfect for weight loss and cutting belly fat | The Times of India

The latest conversations around the importance of fitness served as a wake-up call. An increasing number of people across the globe have begun adopting a balanced and healthier lifestyle. Considering this, many health enthusiasts are veering towards a strict exercise regimen besides experimenting and following different forms of diet. In this backdrop, a low carb diet is slowly gaining popularity in India and overseas.

Besides warding off lifestyle diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes, a low-carb diet also increases the metabolism and gives an overall feeling of wellness. Low carb diet is a great way to shed off extra calories and drop unhealthy eating habits while ensuring that the body remains fine and there is no craving for junk foods and carbonated food drinks.
Two of the main reasons why low carb diets spell good news for people is that they are rich in proteins and they are great at boosting metabolism which helps burn fat faster and suppress appetite by giving a feeling of fullness. This in turn, prevents snacking between meals or at odd times thereby ushering a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some food items that help shed the extra kilos and cut belly fat:

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